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Speed up my PC eBook v. 3.0 - How to Speed Up My PC Ebook

Warning: this Speed up My PC eBook will describe why just about every piece of software you can buy that claims to speed up your computer is junk (except the odd FREE one) and may actually do your computer more harm. This easy to follow guide is the safest and most effective option out there.

 This brand new version of the How to Speed Up My PC Ebook includes instructions for speeding up a slow computer running:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista and
  • Windows 7

Why pay the high cost of a computer techie when you can fix your slow computer yourself? How much will a PC tech run you? Have you spent hours searching Google with the question “how can I speed up my computer?” or “why is my computer so slow?” Searching Google takes a long time especially on a slow computer! Everything you do on the d***ed thing takes forever!!

Don’t waste another second on a slow computer!

Time is money and every minute wasted waiting for your computer to load a web page, open an email, open a work file or even for the darned thing to catch up to you as you typeis a minute you’ll never get back. Many, many of these minutes every day is a serious waste of time — and money.

How can you make a slow computer fast again?How to Speed Up My PC Cover

I’m willing to bet that your computer wasn’t as slow as it is now when it was new. I know, I’ve seen a ton of them. Updates happen, viruses and malware happen, and hardware may just need a bit of tweaking. Windows itself can be tweaked to help a slow computer run well again. But the question remains, how can I make my PC faster?

There are a few choices:

  • Put up with it like you have been and never enjoy a computer that runs fast until you buy a new one… and it gets slow too.
  • Call a techie and hope like heck that he or she knows what they’re doing — they sure don’t come cheap!
  • Muck around with it trying to figure out how to make your PC run faster on your own.
  • Spend an insane amount of time on the search engines looking for answers.
  • Arm yourself with a plain English tool that will help you make your computer run faster.

To celebrate the launch of version 3.0 I am offering a 33% discount on this essential guide. Regular $17.99, it can be yours for only $11.87 but act now, this special offer will be short lived!

There may well be a simple, low cost, hardware upgrade that your techie doesn’t want you to know about because it ALONE may may solve your problem and could well cost a mere $50. It’s true, computer techs make their money on billable hours. There’s no margin in parts so they want to do everything they can to spend a lot of time with your computer to make some profit. There’s nothing especially wrong with that and some of the stuff they do may be useful but as a consumer, why do you want to pay for stuff you don’t need when a simple $50 upgrade may be all you needto make your PC as fast as was when you first bought it?

Would you believe that this ebook spells out one easy steps to fixing viruses and malware that even the pros often miss?

The simple step-by-step instructions in this ebook will help you:

  • Identify things that may be slowing your computer down.
  • Fix common Windows problems that contribute to a slow computer.
  • Deal with viruses and malware that are slowing your PC down.

Know better than to spend all kinds of money on one particular type of “computer repair” software that is actually a joke, if not downright harmful.

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