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Slow Computer Fix

Slow Computer Fix vs. Changing Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers on my car went the other day and it got me thinking about simple fixes. My windshield wiper dilemma reminded me of a slow computer fix. I had a few choices:

  1. Buy some glue and try to glue them back together.
  2. Make an appointment with my mechanic and have her change my wipers for me.
  3. Go to an auto supply shop, buy some wipers and pop them on myself.

Like a slow computer fix, only two of these options make any sense whatsoever.

Slow Computer Fix 1 — buy some glue and try to glue them back together.

Buying some glue to fix worn out windshield wipers is likely to do nothing more than cost money in glue and make a person very frustrated when the results are poor the windshield wipers are now full of glue and work even worse than before. At best you might get a few decent wipes of the windshield – until the wipers get wet or friction tears them to shreds and at worst you’ve botched things up so badly that one of the other two options are unavoidable.

There is a similar slow computer fix strategy. Instead of buying glue however, you buy some trumped up software that promises to increased your computers’ performance by 300% or perform any number of other miracles.

You spend your money, install the software, let it do its thing and at best, you think you might see some improvement. You may find that the software does absolutely no good and like the glue and windshield wiper thing, you may just find that your computer is even worse off. Being worse off in this case however means that option 2 may be the only option as your computer and especially the registry, may have become damaged and only a qualified technician will be able to fix it. Some slow computer fix!

Slow computer fix 2 — make an appointment with a mechanic and have her change my wipers for me.

There are some of us who just don’t like to get our hands dirty and for them option 2 is by far the best. Changing windshield wipers is not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination but if you’re not inclined that way and don’t mind paying more for wipers at the dealer, a labour charge to install them, spending the time getting your car to the dealer, and waiting for wipers to be installed, this is ideal. You can be sure that the wipers are installed properly and you’ll be wiper-worry-free when it’s done.

A qualified PC technician can also do a good slow computer fix for you and the analogies are pretty similar. It’s going to cost more – a lot more in this case – you’ll have to bring your computer in and wait for it to be fixed. If you have a trusted computer tech who you use regularly, this is an excellent option.

Even if you have to find a technician, it can be worthwhile. Be careful however as there are few standards that prevent just anyone from calling him or herself a computer technician. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations and try to find a technician who is at least CompTIA A+ certified. Again, slow computer fixes aren’t rocket science by any means but to my way of thinking, if you’re going to pay someone big bucks to do a job, they should be qualified.

Slow computer fix 3 — go to an auto supply shop, buy some wipers and pop them on yourself.

Again, changing windshield wipers is not terribly difficult. Most wiper packages have instructions right on the back and if you can follow some simple instructions along, changing windshield wipers – or a slow PC fix – will be a piece of cake! Not only does the job get done but there are added bonuses:

  • A major cost savings in labor or useless software.
  • The satisfaction of having done it yourself.
  • The experience to be able to do this again and again, as needed, and never pay for useless software or PC techs again.

Just like changing wiper blades, slow PC fixes are not terribly difficult. In fact, the benefits of doing it yourself cannot be underestimated.

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